Cazenovia Abroad Silver

Sterling silver is a metal of the kings and always suggests grandeur, unlike other precious metals that can seem gaudy or cold.  Silver reminds one of a whimsical or nostalgic era; reflecting a by-gone time or aspirations of generations yet to be.

Cazenovia Abroad takes pleasure in presenting you with some of the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind, designer silver items produced.  Our items are silver that is forged by some of the finest silversmiths in the world to become pieces of art that are highly sought after by collectors. 

Sterling silver finishes will scratch easily, but the rich patina which develops over the years from such small scratches cannot be artificially imitated.  

In fact, even the process of cleaning the silver will lightly scratch the surface, only making it more beautiful and unique - like the fine finish of antiques.  

Our products are keepsakes pieces made to become heirloom treasures that capture tangible memories often more than any picture can express.  These precious items when passed on will provide your loved ones with irreplaceable memories of you, like having a window from heaven.  Therefore we encourage you to show-off your purchased items because Cazenovia Abroad's silver pieces are designed to be used and enjoyed not put away to gather dust.