The Rooster

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Many look at roosters as the alarm clocks on the farm.  However, the Rooster has a much deeper meaning. 

In Christianity, the Rooster is noted for crowing three times after Peter denied Christ and therefore it became a symbol for Christ's passion.

To this day, the Rooster is often on weathervanes and commonly atop churches because it is seen as a watchful vigilance against evil.  In Portugal, it is a sign of faith, good luck, and happiness. Give The Rooster to that special someone and tell them the important meaning behind it.

The Rooster is created with some of the world's finest silver, and crafted by the best silversmiths in Europe. 

  • Sterling Silver (92.5 percent silver)
  • Made in Portugal 
  • Included with the ornament is a Cazenovia Abroad gift box and red silk cord to hang on your tree.   
  • Optional free gift wrapping